Secure Shredding – A New Way to Shred

In this blog post I wanted to share a change in our shredding approach that impacts you, our client.  We hope that this change will provide more natural, environmental shredding without electricity, by maintaining confidentiality of client information.

It all started when our son, Max, asked for a prairie dog, about a year ago.  One of the “deals” was that he had to research what it would take to get and keep a prairie dog as a pet.  Once that was done, the spring shipment of prairie dogs at our local pet store had already been purchased, and I thought we might have a one-year reprieve from the challenges of owning a wild animal.  We put our names at the top of the list for the next shipment of baby prairie dogs, which are arriving this spring, and Prairie Dogs were out of my mind.

However, in October, the very friendly pet store called and said they had a customer who was going to have to sell her one and a half year old prairie dog.  I asked Max if a “used” prairie dog was OK, and he said “yes”.  We went to check out Peanut, and Max was immediately smitten.  A couple of weeks later, Peanut’s cage was at the foot of Max’s bed.

One of Peanut’s less endearing qualities is his penchant to chew – just about anything.  We believe he’s usually looking for something to eat, given his chunky figure.  He’s gnawed drywall, carpet, sheets, blankets, and got particularly excited about a stuffed animal that appears to be full of some kind of small seed rather than plastic filler.

Which gave me the idea to “hire” Peanut as the new Shredder for GFFP.

At first, I was skeptical.  How were we going to get Peanut interested in chewing a bunch of paper into shreds tiny enough to ensure privacy of our clients?  How would we keep the paper clean enough to be recycled?  But we tried several approaches, and finally, we’ve perfected “Shreds By Peanut” to the extent that we’re comfortable having Peanut do all of our shredding on-site, with no one else having access to the confidential data!

Here’s an example of how “Shreds by Peanut” works:

1) Paper is put into a special cardboard box in a secure room.


2) Pumpkin seeds are scattered around the paper, to attract Peanut into the box

3) Peanut starts looking for more pumpkin seeds in the paper

Shredder at work

4) Paper is shredded, and viola, turned into unrecognizable paper-fetti!

5) We review all shredded paper to ensure that no confidential information is visible

6) Paper is recycled, and Peanut goes back to bed

We think many businesses will start using Shreds By Peanut once they see how simple and natural the process is.

Happy April Fool’s Day!