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Chicago Actuarial Association – March 12, 2014: Impact of Low Interest Rates on Insurance Companies and Investors

Chicago Actuarial Association – March 13, 2012: Hazards to Your Retirement – Presenter

Cheryl also provides “Lunch and Learn” topics for employers and non-profit groups.

Media Mentions

Why hourly financial planning fits so many clients’ needs – September 1, 2015: In this cover story, Cheryl discusses how hourly financial planning – on an “as needed” basis – serves clients regardless of portfolio size.

How Should Your Financial Goals Differ Based On Age? – January 5, 2015 by Cheryl Krueger: Cheryl discusses on how financial goals change for people from young adults, just starting out with minimal property and school loans to manage, to later in life, as the focus shifts to putting children through college and retirement.

Q&A: How do I put together a personal finance plan? – August 23, 2013: On, Cheryl provides several useful tips in the steps to create a personal finance plan.

The Perils of Lending to Family – November 16, 2013: In a Wall Street Journal article by Daniel Lippman, Cheryl provides some useful tips on how to loan money to family to minimize the issues that can arise from the loan, both with in your family and the IRS.

Q&A: How should financial goals differ based on age – August 16, 2013: Cheryl discusses on how financial goals change for people from young adults to later in life, as the focus shifts to things like kids and retirement.

5 Rules for Lending Money to Friends and Family – May 28, 2013: Cheryl advises Gerri Detweiler from on some of the key steps to take when loaning money to friends and family to avoid creating issues in the future.

Protecting your retirement from “fiscal cliff” risk – November 29, 2012: Cheryl discusses how the fiscal cliff can impact your long-term retirement planning.

Powerball Jackpot Boosted again to $500M – November 28, 2012: Cheryl advises people who have received a sudden windfall on the best course of action.

Longevity Casts a Long Shadow Over Retirement Planning – September 15, 2012: Cheryl talks to Brent Hunsberger from the Oregonian about useful tools to use when evaluating buying an annuity.

5 Ways to Balance Retirement and College Savings – May 3, 2012: Dave Carpenter spoke with Cheryl as part of his Personal Finance article on 5 strategies to balance planning for your retirement, while planning for your child’s college education.

How To Avoid Crippling College Loan Debt – April 27, 2012: Cheryl talks to Gail Marks-Jarvis from the Chicago Tribune’s Your Money about the importance of parents of college bound children to budget and plan for the financial support they provide in order to avoid taking on crippling debt

“4% Rule” Serves as Guideline for Today’s Retirees, But Use With Caution – April 4, 2012 by Cheryl Krueger: Cheryl discusses the use of the “4% rule” in retirement planning, along with some of the rule’s weaknesses and ways to improve the strategy.

Survive This Economy: Retirement Planning – January 3, 2012: Cheryl provides advice in the CBS2 Chicago “Survive This Economy” financial makeover series

Bonds in today’s financial market: Despite declining yields and rising prices, bonds are still an important part of a diverse portfolio – By Kristin Samuelson, Chicago Tribune, January 01, 2012: Cheryl discusses the role of bonds in an investment portfolio

Immediate Annuities as Longevity Insurance – Cheryl discusses the appeal of immediate annuities for clients looking to guarantee retirement income

How to retire with confidence amid financial volatility – Cheryl Krueger discusses retirement amidst financial volatility.

December 2011 Starting Thoughts – Journal of Financial Planning, December 2011: Cheryl wrote this article about the importance of the lifespan assumption in financial planning

401(k) hardship withdrawals require some serious thought – Washington Examiner, September, 2011:  Cheryl discusses the reality of 401(k) hardship withdrawals

3 Questions with Financial Advisers – Chicago Tribune, August 23, 2011:  Kristin Samuelson interviews Cheryl and fellow NAPFA member Chris Long about how clients are reacting to market news.

What’s on the menu? Working with small-fry clients – June 26, 2011: Lavonne Kuykendall quotes Cheryl, who believes everyone can benefit by working with a financial planner, and discusses offering services on an hourly basis.

Financial Guidance Without Conflicts of Interest – Chicago Tribune PrimeTime: Active Adults Section, June 12, 2011:  Cheryl and others discuss how fee-only advice is different, and how to find a fee-only financial advisor.

More Retirees With Mortgage Debt May Complicate Financial Planning – Financial Advisor Magazine, May 25, 2011: Cheryl notes that there’s no “one size fits all” when it comes to mortgage debt

Financial Tuneup: How to Self-Diagnose Your Financial Health – New York Times, March 25, 2010:  Tara Siegel Bernard interviews Cheryl and other financial professionals to discuss annual financial “physicals”.

401(k) Mistakes to Avoid – By Kate Ashford, CBS Money Watch, October 26, 2009:  Cheryl and other financial advisors discuss mistakes people make with their 401(k)s, and how to avoid them.

Your Money Bus – April 24, 2009: Cheryl comments on working with volunteers with the NAPFA Money Bus Tour.

Financial Makeovers for 2009 – Column by David McPherson, Jan. 6, 2009: Cheryl recommends detailed spending tracking, at least for some period of time, to help you become more conscious of your spending habits.

How You Can Save Your 401(k) – MSN Money, October 14, 2008:  Tim Middleton quotes Cheryl and other financial planners and compiles 6 ways to make sure your 401(k) keeps working for you through turbulent markets.

7 “Psycho” Money Traps and How to Avoid Them – Yahoo! Finance, October 1, 2008:  Teri Cettina discusses how investors “psych” themselves into bad or suboptimal decisions when it comes to money.

About Fiduciary Planners

Pick a Planner Who Can Spell “Fiduciary” – New York Times, April 26, 2008:  It’s important to pick the right planner.  One consideration is whether they’re a fiduciary.  This article explores why it’s important to have a fiduciary financial advisor, and how to find out whether your advisor is a fiduciary.

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